The Front Page
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The Front Page
The Front Page Restaurant
Coming soon to Lincoln Road Mall in South Beach. The Front Page Restaurant provides the perfect oasis for a hearty breakfast, a healthy lunch or a quiet dinner surrounded by the latest publications from around the US and across the Globe. Combining the passions of a well-traveled chef and his wife (a former journalist), The Front Page brings the notion of a favorite newsstand and a popular local diner together to create an oasis for locals and visitors who like to linger over good food, a favorite book or the daily news.

Locals know the appeal of South Beach means so much more than celebrities and socialites; at the end of the day what powers the population is a great cup of coffee, a delicious meal and a slice of homemade pie. That's what drives the menu at Front Page Restaurant where the ingredients are fresh, the cooking style is straightforward and the recipes were handed down for generations.

Join us for an affordable bite served with a smile. We know you'll be back again and again!

Hours: 11AM to 7PM

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